How the GRIT PROJECT came about

As one of the first women to fly the Apache helicopter, I faced a lot of resistance, and I came to think of what my experience those eight years required as defined primarily by grit. The GRIT Project came about after I agreed to mentor a new Army Aviation 2LT through a women officer’s mentoring program and thought about how to scale that advice. I wanted to gather advice from seasoned leaders from a broad demographic in order to guide new leaders today, especially around that elusive and critical performance metric of GRIT. It is founded on the idea of passing on wisdom, and investing in our next generation of leaders and young women, offering honest stories of success and failure from veterans, social workers, wild firefighters, survivors and adventurers to help inspire and guide you on your path.


Who are front line leaders and what is a life that matters? Frontline leaders are those working with real people in real life: managers, coaches, and parents. You find them in uniform, in offices, in school and at soccer games. What you have in common as frontline leaders: the need to work with people to make things happen, and the desire to live and create a life that matters at work and at home.

The GRIT Project believes every frontline leader can create that life and strives to give you inspiration and tools to bring out the best in yourself and others. We focus on the good stuff and the hard stuff: courage, creativity, leadership and grit, sharing others' stories and real ideas and resources to take you where you want to go, creating a life at work and at home that makes a difference.  


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Posted on December 10, 2015 .