Brian Ballantyne, Senior Marketing Manager, Amazon EU

"Shannon Huffman Polson gave an energized and inspiring talk on Grit & Leadership to an engaged audience of Amazonians at our international leadership conference "AmazeCon" in May 2016. Shannon invited us to join her as she described climbing into the cockpit of a huge Apache attack helicopter, talking us through the steps for takeoff as we buckled up excitedly for the ride. With audience interaction, Shannon was very effective in demonstrating how some of the key principles of launching an Apache helicopter, e.g. turned towards the wind, are important lessons in leadership that we can apply in everyday civilian contexts and decisions. In sharing her story of how she came to be an Apache pilot, Shannon opened up to the audience about the grit and perseverance she showed to overcome the obstacles and affronts that were put in her way. Henry Ford once said that "obstacles are those frightful things we see when we take our eye off our goals", and it was very clear to the audience that Shannon kept her eyes firmly on her goals, much like how an Apache pilot needs to focus clearly and determinedly on her targets. Shannon encouraged the audience to seek out our own targets, where our passion and our purpose intersect, and it was clear from the Q&A that Shannon had inspired many leaders in the audience to go and do exactly that. Thank you very much Shannon for your wonderful and motivating talk. We were honored and inspired to hear you speak, and we highly recommend you as a leadership speaker to other world-class organizations."

- Brian Ballantyne, Senior Marketing Manager, Amazon EU

Posted on May 20, 2016 and filed under Speaking.